Oil Resistant Cables

Oil Resistant Cables

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- Oil Resistant Cables

As you may know, due to wide range of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, application of cable in these industries is inevitable. Normal cables with normal PVC and PE insulations are not recommended specially in places likely to have oil leakage, as they are not resistant to hydrocarbons.

So Cavicel Cable Manufacturing Company offers different solutions for such applications as follow:

Oil Resistant PVC:

This material is very economic and by adding chemical additives we can get to a new compound more resistant to oil compared to normal PVC.

Lead Sheath:

This layer is one of the oldest methods of cable reinforcement against chemical materials specially oil, which has many advantages and disadvantages. Among its advantages is strong resistance to hydrocarbons and disadvantages are as follow:

1-  Environment pollution

2-  Heavy weight

3-  Resistance to bending

4-  Difficult and time-consuming application

5- It needs large space for cabling in posts cable gallery and control rooms.

6- It needs long time and high expenses for installation and implementation.

7- It needs special equipments depreciation of which is so high.

Alternative to Lead Sheath:

Reinforced polymers are used in construction of these cables in various layers. These cables are safe alternatives for oil resistant PVC cables and Lead Sheath Cables. Among their advantages we can mention the following:

1-      Lead omission and consequently loss of environment pollution

2-      Diameter decrease up to 20% -25%   

3-      Weight decrease up to 60%-70% depending on cable size

4-      Bending radius decrease up to 20%-30%

5-      Installation and implementation time decrease up to 70%

6-      Installation and implementation expenses decrease up to 50%

7-      No special device required.

8-      Cabling in small spaces is applicable.

We offer you alternative cables using reinforced polymers. If you have any question in this regard, please ask from our technical and expert personnel.

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