North East Agent

North East Agent

North East Agent (North Khorasan Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan)

Aryan Negar Pazh (Pazh Technical & Engineering Group)

Pazh Technical & Engineering Group managed by Mr. Ali Effatpanah works with a team of specialists and engineers experienced in fields of fire fighting systems, surveillance cameras, BMS systems, electrical and lighting facilities in North East of Iran.

As requested by manager of mentioned company and regarding our previous cooperation, and also reviewing their performance records, Petro Kavan Pouya Co. appoints Aryan Negar Pazh as its official agent for distribution of fire resistant cables manufactured by Cavicel Italy in abovementioned provinces.


Address: No. 29, Felestin 21 St., Felestin Ave., Mashhad, Iran

Tel: 0511-8445525


Fax: 0511-8445537


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(Khaney-e- Amn Shop)

Address: Next to Musavi Ghuchani, Musavi Ghuchani Sq., Mashhad, Iran

Tel: 0511-7112840-41

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